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At Ashoka Hall

We aspire to form persons who have more of Competence, Compassion, and Commitment. This institution directs its educational efforts to develop socially responsible persons who are capable of exercising leadership in advancing the cause of human good in the world. Ashoka Hall Junior & High Best School Jabalpur.

An International school Jabalpur, M.P. invites the students of the junior classes till High School for the education that creates them a person in the world with ethical values and lot of knowledge to cope up with the competitive world. In whole of the India, the skills and knowledge are welcomed. Our school develops the potentials of the students and stretch their strengths that entices best results. The students have tremendous of ideas prowling in their minds every now and them. The choice of implementing only the productive ideas and overcome all the hurdles that come across in their journey towards bright career and future full of human values are given recognition here. This sustains the ability of the students and provide a platform where the pupils can feel homely to express their ideas. No matter whatever the innovation students want to create, with proper method and the correct strategy, everything can be turned in to the reality. This is what education is meant for. This makes our students the top performers and our foundation the best school Jabalpur.

Chairperson's Message

With the needs of the 21st century the purpose of education is undergoing a radical shift. Every new day dawns with new challenges. The future ...
Posted by: Mrs. Arpita Malpani, Chairperson

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Principal's Message

Our children represent our hopes and dreams. As a parent, you want the best for your child and we are proud to be working with you to...
Posted by: Mrs. Anupama Gustav, Principal

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Vice Principal's Message

In the 21st century, the digital revolution affects us all. If innovation and novel ideas are a key to a bright future...

Posted by: Mrs. Shaily Pillai, Vice Principal

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Our Vision

Educating minds, achieving goals & fostering responsibilities to make students contributing members of the society.


  1. 3rd Sep 2015 Janmashtmi Celebration.
  2. 4th Sep 2015 Inter House Skit and Dance Competition.
  3. 11th Sep 2015 SA1 Examinaion of class 1st to 10th and Half Yearly for 11th.

Our Mission

To impart vibrant, resilient and holistic education to prepare the future of the nation.

Internation School Jabalpur

The students are encouraged to not only take the former education of the syllabus but also to go ahead and be responsible socially so as to be the good person with qualities that determine humanity and also achieve academic excellence. The playfulness and scholastics are given equal importance, which never snatches the freedom of the students and their educative journey becomes more exciting and worth striving. Top schools in Jabalpur follow these ideas and we are one of those, who wants to make the players in the field and not just the people in the crowd of the audience, who watch others' performances. We being an International School Jabalpur, also concern about the global scenario and teach the students to cope up with the traditions of other nations and respect their cultural heritage.

School Jabalpur

In the sector of education, there is not any limit in imparting knowledge, but the possession is always a limit. Therefore, the education firm also takes care of the teachers that they also indulge in learning new things and breakthrough with proper wisdom. This ensures best teaching strategies and that too with proper methodology so that the learning becomes a notion and lifetime the introspected notions remain in the minds of the students.