From a humble beginning with 40 students in 2002, we have approximately 1700 students and 80 teachers now. There is no stopping now from b ring one of the best in the field.

Our Vision

Educating minds, achieving goals & fostering responsibilities to make students contributing members of the society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a academic excellence in Jabalpur and make global citizens.


Ashoka Hall School has become a landmark both in terms of ‘Education and Learning.’ It is an institution where a child is learning to learn. It is a celebration of life for a child, for every activity, every class and every event revolves around the child. The school has a track record of academic excellence as well as co-curricular competency in art, sport and other creative fields. The guiding principle of the school is ‘’Let learning be a joy and teaching be a pleasure’’ where opportunities are provided, leading to the process of self-improvement.