Year 2017-18

Head Boy: Dinesh Aswani

Head Girl: Dhanishtha Thakur


A Symbol of Friendship

Pegasus, the winged divine horse, embraces our students with its trait of wisdom and fame. Our students have scattered the spectrum of their talent all throughout this year. They held our head high by bringing about outstanding achievements in various extra-curricular activities and although, remained unbeaten in most of them. To all intents and purpose, the overwhelming enthusiasm and endeavour of our students have accessorized this year with proud and heritage imbibed with the feeling of love and co-operation towards all, apparently carrying on the legacy of our house.


A Symbol of Fire and divinity

“The symbol of fire and divinity”

The green colour brings positive energy and vibrant heat in all the young Phoenixians. We aspire to form person who have more commitments. They have put in admirable efforts in endowing all achievements.

We proved our superiority in all competitions. The biggest achievement was the winners in mind “The Quiz Competition”. We ought to develop the right attitude and pursue the goal with unity and determination. With the same heat and enthusiasm we will keep on sparkling in the coming years.


A Symbol of Bravery

‘Action speaks louder than words’. It is true for the unicorn house as the blue colour represents the coolness and calmness. The students of this house are full of vitality and vigour, thus laying the foundation stone for a journey towards success. And rightly we felt that those who have faith in themselves leave their footprints on the sands of time, for millions to follow. This proved right for the rights of our house.The students of our house have excelled in every field whether it be sports, academics or other co-curricular activities. We have achievers flowing out every year. We strongly believe in the potential of our students which will definitely help us to excel in the upcoming events every year.


A Symbol of Intelligence

The vibrant colour red of the house symbolizes the zeal, determination, and intelligence of the students who always kept their moral high by excelling themselves in activities The schedule began and offered an opportunity to our budding artists who displayed amazing talent. The rangoli and diya making along with debate and recitation competition saw the emergence of new oraters.