“A journey of thousand steps begin with a single step”

we have taken quite a few steps and are already marching step-by-step ahead.

INSIGNIA’S literal meaning is a ‘distinguishing badge’ or an emblem of a rank and so this edition of INSIGNIA 2014-15 is a crest of our organization, that reveals the accomplishments as well as the vibrant colours with which we have painted the last academic year.

As amongst the heads of our institution our work is not only to teach my children but also to see into others as well and I also get to interact with other teachers and their concerns regarding the professional life, which helps me to say confidently that every student is a brick in the wall and every teacher as a pillar that holds the bricks together, we just keep growing stronger. We at Ashoka Hall work by the mantra of ‘ONE’. One team,one institute and most importantly as one big family.

I personally believe that there are a few key attributes necessary for a true ‘Nation’ building process; one of the key is discipline. I often ask my students that can we learn to be ‘disciplined’ or is it something that comes by birth. The answer is that discipline can only be learned and that brings to a deduction that discipline is the key factor for a success of any field, perimeter or magnitude.

At Ashoka Hall, a child is not just taught his subjects but it is also made sure that equal efforts are made to create a balanced character by focussing on other values as well. A morally strong child is bound to go farther than that of a weaker morale. So keep your child’s morale high is your duty as well, as a parent.

Our last message is that “Simplicity” should be the way of life for everyone but most importantly for our children as once this quality gets imbibed into you, high thinking will take you where you wish to reach.

All the best for the coming year with new challenges and opportunities lying ahead.