Patriotic Competitions:

The first in the celebrations of our national festival programs is patriotic songs competition for the school students. The foundation wants to mould the present generation on the pattern of our worthy and illustrious heroes like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev , Chandra shekhar Azad , Netaji etc. which would also help to recognize the in –born talents of the students and encourage them in their real life.


Mehendi competition held at school provokes the students to take keen interest in the out of applying “Heena” at each other’s palms with enthusiasm and picturing the traditional artistic designs of mehendi.

Dance Competition:

Solo & Group – Ashoka hall continues to present a competition that is not simply a place where dancers compete, but a place where they have fun and build memories of their competitive experience. We take pride in running a competition with a commitment to excellence.

Sanskrit Shloka:

The competition was conducted to improve and understand the value of Sanskrit shlokas. This encouraged the students and also brought awareness of shlokas chanting. It gave an opportunity to the children to pronounce the shlokas correctly. It was a very successful event.

Rangoli competition:

Armed with idea, colors and cameras student took part in the Rangoli competition. In order to enhance creativity and unleash the hidden potential in the student, the school created a platform to showcase their talent by organizing such competitions.

Ashokite quiz contest:

The Ashoka has been organizing quiz contest making the participation of maximum student to reinforce team work, boost confidence, encourage strategic thinkers and light the fire for knowledge engendering a real sense of pride in pupils representing their houses as well as their school. Apart, the students of Asoka hall have made their place by winning the Bournvita Quiz Contest.


It is initiated with an aim to promote cricket in children, and introduced the game to historically non-cricket communities where exposure to cricket is otherwise limited and to also provide an alternative to the more traditional sports.


This sport is a good way to meet student across study- lines and simultaneously keep them in shape. Also with an intention to familiarize high school student with the popular world sport.


Swimming, introduced as one of the essential aspect of growth of students and compulsory lesson at school, aiming at safety issues as well.

Table Tennis:

The sport is a aimed at increasing participation and awareness among student not only as a recreational activity but also as a game which instills speed, spin, control demanding the quickest reactions of any sport.


The game has been providing entertainment for all ages and had played a vital role in molding the personality of each individual. It has helped in increasing the logical reasoning power in children. The student not only play and have fun at the same time, but they also practice skills like counting, reading, visual perception and eye hand coordination etc. which motivates them to involves themselves in healthy competitions, verbal communication and focus their attention.


Chess has been introduced with an intention to increase the sense of confidence and self worth of a student, also increasing the mathematical and scientific skills of the students. The students also learn the lesson of hard work and commitment.


While strength is not the only faster, quickness timing, coordination’s and balance also play key role which is obviously a major ingredient in being able to propel the ball.

Children’s Day:

Children’s day was celebrated with great fun and enthusiasm. The teachers put up a wonderful show to celebrate the day followed by gifts and refreshments for them.

Dehradun and Mussoorie Trip:

During the Dusshera break the staff and students of Ashoka Hall School went to Dehradun and Mussoorie for a 6 days trip and enjoyed different kinds of sporting activities like rafting, mountaineering, rock climbing, rappelling and trekking.

Mini Annual Day:

It was celebrated in Ashoka Hall School of the pre primary and primary group. The play ‘I Believe’ was enacted by the students.

Hindi Elocution:

The inter house Hindi elocution was held and students in three categories participated. The students spoke well on different topics.

Science and Maths Festival:

It was held in the school campus. Students’ participation was super enthusiastic and many tough games brain teasers were answered in a jiffy.

Sports Week:

The sports week was held in Ashoka Hall School, Vijaynagar in which all the track and field events were contested like relay , short put, discus, long jump, high jump and cricket.

The road safety workshop:

It was conducted by TVS group in which students were given information regarding rules and regulation on road safety.

English Elocution:

The art of public speaking in which gesture, vocal production, and delivery are emphasized.

English Recitation:

Recitation helps students master public speaking skills, build self confidence and learns about their literary heritage. Their ability to communicate complex ideas in powerful language & present them in public helps there to succeed in future. It is a crucial life skills, a fact is regretted in the increased emphasis an oral communication in curricular..

Matki Decoration:

A beautiful variety of designer matki prepared by the students represent the symbol of Hinduism in India. These are beautifully decorated with glazed colorful cloth, and other decorative pieces which can be used as interior decorators of houses, offices, hotels and restaurants.

Matki Breaking:

Our unique way of celebrating Janmastami.

Rakhi Making:

Glorifying the special feelings of regards , affection and love in a form of thread ,indeed a symbol of seeking divine bliss and good life for dear brothers who in return pledges to protect his sister from all evils.


Mehendi competition held at school provokes the students to take keen interest in the out of applying “Heena” at each other’s palms with enthusiasm and picturing the traditional artistic designs of mehendi.